What I want to tell You

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There are so many things I want to tell you.

But I also know you need to learn some things on your own, through trial and error.

I guess the biggest challenge for me will be to let you make mistakes, when I know something may go wrong but the lesson will be good for you – like putting your right shoe on your left foot or letting you do laundry on your own and shrinking a load of clothes.

We all need experience, life lessons, to reinforce and tattoo certain things on our mind, our psyche…

I want to tell you my greatest fear is that my words, actions, or choices will leave a smudge on you I cannot diminish with any amount of time, love, and attention.

I cannot say sorry. Sorry is not what this is about. I just want to tell you I love you and I am constantly evaluating my actions and choices before I make a move.



My Personality Doppleganger 

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I’ve always said my Daughter, A, is Physically her Dad’s Twin and Personality–Wise, My Twin.

In the Myers–Briggs World, I’m typed as an INFJ.

I live in my head, think too much, feel for others, and am shy around people I don’t know until I feel comfortable around them. I am most myself at home or at people’s homes I know well like family or close friends.

After I got A tucked into bed last night

#mommychronicles — Life as Cinderella

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imageWork Work Work

I’ll never get this dress done to lounge around on Twitter…

Some days, I swear I take one step forward to take 5 back.

Put the laundry away — kid throws laundry all over the floor.

When I was little, I always said I wanted to be Cinderella

imageWhat the Hell was I Thinking?!