Greedy for More — A Hunger for Silence 

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I’ve got a Hunger, Twisting my Stomach into Knots….

That my tongue is tied off. 

Ok, that’s a Death Cab for Cutie Song. 

But I think it’s safe to say individuals all have their own hungers or desires. Something to look forward to or strive to pleasure themselves with each day; a reward for hardwork, reward for resisting some other pleasure, or completing a dreaded task. 

One of my pleasures is the 

Sound of Silence. 



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I hate arguing and raised voices.

My childhood memories include a lot of arguing being heard from my bedroom.

I’m not good with tension and arguing with people. It’s like my brain shuts down when it’s overloaded with tension.

I have no Fight-Or-Flight after a while — just flight as a form of self-preservation.

My Personality Doppleganger 

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I’ve always said my Daughter, A, is Physically her Dad’s Twin and Personality–Wise, My Twin.

In the Myers–Briggs World, I’m typed as an INFJ.

I live in my head, think too much, feel for others, and am shy around people I don’t know until I feel comfortable around them. I am most myself at home or at people’s homes I know well like family or close friends.

After I got A tucked into bed last night

#INFJchronicles — I’m Lost and Its Dark Outside

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I haven’t written anything truly personal in a while.

Besides the funny, anecdotal things.

Lately, my life feels like I’m walking around in a dark room, fumbling for where the light switch should be, where I know it is, it’s just not there.

I’m trying to adjust to the lack of light, using my other senses but my coping mechanisms haven’t been working.