#introverts Prefer Mountainous Terrain — from Introvert Dear

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Scientific Research has shown Introverts prefer Mountains?

The article at Introvert, Dear, says according to the Big Five Personality Test, only one factor was related to terrain preference — introversion. 

I understand that. The tall, calming mountain terrains gives the illusion of allowing you to blend into the scene, of being one with what is around you. Not standing out as opposed to standing out in a flat terrain. 

What about Built Terrains?

If Introverts prefer mountainous terrains as a way to blend in, find peace and calm, could the same be said for large cities? A sort of ‘man-made mountain’?

What do you think? 


MyLife — thoughts on divorce and custody 

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dealing with an Ex is never fun or easy. Knowing you have to deal with them for the next 18 years at least, is less fun.

Throw into the mix the temperament of the selfish child I’m trying to co-parent with, I feel like I’m going nuts.

Do I know for certain if I made the right choices?

So Embarrassed to be Born and Raised in Indiana… 

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The *Midwest is the Best!

*excluding Indiana until #RFRA is repealed 

I was born and raised in Indiana. Not far from Stephen King actually.

I have never been more embarrassed of the actions of my home state than these past few weeks. 

Item 1 — #RFRA

Gov. Pence is pathetic.

This is discrimination.

Any religion, at its core, is accepting of all people and is taught not to judge. There can only be one true judge of all people and that is God. Let’s just leave it up to him.

Item 2 — Pervi Patel Sentencing

Patel was a smart woman. Smart enough to order and pay for abortion-enducing drugs online. She also had the means to pay for the drugs. Never sought medical care during her pregnancy after the drugs failed.

There was no reason to abandon and kill the child she gave birth to —

According to the charges being filed against her, Purvi Patel attempted to end her pregnancy last year by taking pills that she bought online from Hong Kong. The pills didn’t work, and Patel eventually delivered a premature baby at home. When she went to an emergency room to seek treatment after giving birth, the staff asked why she didn’t have an infant with her. She said her baby appeared to be dead, and she had wrapped it in a bag and placed it in a dumpster”
— From ThinkProgress

Patel could have given birth and given the baby away. Or opted for a medical abortion once the pills didn’t work.

I know there is a lot of problems with the charges she was brought up on – which charges, whether feticide or not, etc – does it really matter?! 

She killed a baby in an absolutely cruel  way. Caused this child to suffer beyond necessary. Jail IMO is lenient.