Good Reading — Too Much Coffee Bad for Introverts? —From Introvert Dear 

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From Introvert Dear

Coffee and Introverts

“Why caffeine affects introverts and extroverts differently

The reason why caffeine affects introverts and extroverts differently basically has to do with our differing levels of neocortical arousal in the brain, according to Science of Us. In other words, it comes down to how alert or responsive we are to our environment.

In general, introverts are over the optimal level of arousal — meaning, we’re more easily stimulated — and extroverts under the optimal level.

This means that consuming any kind of central nervous system stimulant, such as caffeine or even recreational stimulants, will move us further away from our optimal level of performance.”



Death Becomes Her … Err or Not — The Ongoing Quest for the Fountain of Youth

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The Quest to Evade Death and Stop Aging is Very Alive

The movie Death Becomes Her was my first exposure to the idea science could save everyone I love from leaving me.

Live Forever. Never Age.

But is the way the characters live in Death Becomes Her a life worth living?

Why Jokes May Not Always Be Funny to You But Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

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The Headlines lately have evoked quite a range of jokes

Honestly, some I’ve found funny, wrote myself, shared, and found in poor taste.

In general, the above statement applies to just about all jokes.

So Why Compare Ebola jokes to Cancer Jokes?

Twitter users were implying if jokes being tossed around about Ebola were instead about cancer, Twitter would be having a shit storm, but Ebola jokes apparently were OK.

Congratulations — you’re both right.