Math is Everywhere. Get used to it.


I don’t care who you are, you’re going to use math.

Math isn’t suppose to be fun or something a lot of kids wake up and say ‘yeah I’m gonna do some math.’

But it’s important. Like a lot of things in the Real World, it’s not the thing you want to be doing but you have to so you’re going to.

Teens in high school do not get a pass with this or should not in my book.

You don’t understand it? Well neither did I at first. Welcome to the club.

Get a tutor. Ask the teacher! Or open the book!

Free passes do not happen in the Real World and this is essentially what is being given to high schoolers with this proposal.

Setting up for failure

The US already lags behind in math and reading proficiency. Making math a non requirement does not make that issue go away.

Reevauluate how math is taught, offer extra help, but do not make it a non requirement. This will only hinder, not help our children.


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